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Emergency Dentist

If you have been searching for an ‘emergency dentist near me’, then look no further as Goodall Dental Practice is ready to provide your emergency dental care in Walsall.

We are committed to offering our patients an emergency dental appointment the same day or on the next day, if appropriate.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

A dentist emergency may be considered as any instance where a dental problem or dental trauma needs urgent treatment, in order to save the tooth or teeth. We also consider dental emergencies for cases where severe pain needs alleviating and when you need help to stop continued and severe dental tissue bleeding.

Emergency dental treatment may also be needed for a severe abscess or infection in the mouth, that may be life-threatening and should be dealt with post-haste. A tooth that has been knock out of alignment can also be treated by our emergency dentist in Walsall.

A knocked out tooth, in some cases, can be put back in within a few hours of a trauma. In this case do not touch the root of the tooth, rinse off any dirt and keep the tooth in a container of milk. You should then call our emergency dentist number which is 01922 642621 or 07530 251951.

Why having an emergency dentist is important?

You dentist should be the first person you call when you need emergency dental care. As previously mentioned, certain conditions, and particularly dental traumas, can be life-threatening or cause intense pain or bleeding.

It is at these times that having an emergency dentist is crucial, in order to receive timely treatment. It is also preferable and assuring to have this treatment administered by the dentist that you are already familiar and comfortable with.

Benefits of emergency dentistry over regular dentistry

The benefits of emergency dentistry over regular dentistry is especially important in times of an emergency and may be needed to avoid the permanent tooth loss if a tooth that has been badly broken or chipped.

Priority treatment will give you the best chance of tooth restoration, especially if you still have the fragments of a broken tooth. Damaged teeth are not always salvageable and emergency tooth extraction may be desired, so that you do not suffer a prolonged period of pain.

The best way to avoid non-trauma based dental emergencies is through preventative regular check-ups.

If you searching for an ‘emergency dentists near me’, then please call our team today.

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